Monday, January 1, 2018


This is the day which the lord has brought about; we will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24.

I love to read the book of Psalms with their message of praise for God, and of gratitude and positivity!   Each day we have to live our life is indeed a gift from God, who gave us life, love, meaning, and purpose.   Each day, then, is a reason to be grateful to God, a day to choose joy.  I love to know from Scripture that God wants us to experience joy.  Some days it is a challenge, as life can be difficult and there are often hardships for ourselves and for those we love. But attitude is so powerful!  A good attitude, the decision to find some joy, good, and happiness in every day is the right choice, and one God wants us to make. 

Years ago I was given a Gratitude journal, which involved writing down several things that I was grateful for every day. I found that to be a meaningful experience and a chance to find joy and happy moments in everyday life, in routine things, and in so many good things that I continually take for granted., like healthy, happy grandkids, for example.

Prayer: Dear Father God, thank you for my life, for the gifts you have given me and for even an ordinary day in my life.  As you have directed me, I will try to find joy in every day.  Please guide me to choose happiness and joy, you who are the originator of all joy.  Please help me to be a more grateful person, as I have so many blessings.  I will try to say thank you every day.

Connie Barry

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