Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Guest Devotion: Thoughts from Stuart at Cold Wet Nose

Today we're featuring a devotion from Stuart at Cold Wet Nose, reprinted with permission. If you enjoy reading this, head over to his site at: 

Good morning from Cold Wet Nose!

Where I am, it APPEARS fall may have FINALLY pushed its way into our region, but we have been tricked once before.  We shall see . . .

Today, I was thanked for my heroism.  Heroism, I thought? Really?  I wore a uniform for 31 years, but I want to make something crystal clear:  I’m no hero. This guy - he was a hero. (photo below)

Outwardly, it would appear his heroism revolves around his service to his country, but his medals only tell half the story. A more complete picture of his heroism comes into focus when we include the lives he served when he returned home. 

Simply wearing a uniform does not make someone a hero. I am proud of my service, and while being thanked is fine, I would prefer something different.

While appreciated, I don't need a reserved parking stall, or to stand after the sixth inning, or to be recognized at a concert.  Instead, I have a different request.

I am calling on all of us to serve. In any capacity. Place the gratitude you have for the uniformed service I and so many others have performed into an actionable plan to pay it forward.

You are a hero in my eyes when you show compassion when you don’t have time. Or when you have the courage to confront injustice with your words, not your fists. Or when you give of your treasure willingly when you have little to give. Or when you have found that it is no longer a viable option to ignore a dream, and you allow it to lead. Or when you measure the greatness of a nation by the way in which it cares for those most vulnerable.

Heroism is defined by the actions taken, not the uniform worn. Heroes are all around us. The challenge I ask of everyone is to appreciate them by emulating them.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for being on this journey with me.


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