Thursday, April 13, 2017

Holy Week Thursday  


God of love, during Holy Week, we give you thanks for this night Jesus shared with his disciples. Between the public parade and the public charade is this intimate hour. Though even now we do not fully understand, we long to follow his example: to serve as he served, to love as he loved. Jesus promised that if we know these things and do them, we will be blessed. Help us, then, to know and to do all that Jesus taught. Though we betray and deny, we still come seeking a blessing, for this much we do know:  we cannot live unless you bless us. Amen. 


Bartlett, David L.; Taylor, Barbara Brown; Long, Kimberly Bracken (2014-12-31). Feasting on the Word Lenten Companion: A Thematic Resource for Preaching and Worship (p. 229). Westminster John Knox Press. Kindle Edition.



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